Our Remarkable Story

We offer boundless educational opportunities to Nepalese students in universities/colleges around the globe.

The city, Kathmandu is filled with many promising consultancies that will provide the right information and guidance required for Medical and Engineering studies. In the nub of many such promising consultancies, Bangladesh Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is definitely top notch consultancy that guarantees the best counselling and guidance required for the enrollment in medical or engineering faculties in reputed universities around the globe.

Bangladesh Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. was established with the aim of providing best career options for students and help them get enrolled in reputed institution for higher studies. It is led by a group of highly experienced counselors and is promoted by renowned educationalist. We are motivated with the purpose of providing a full fledge career counselling and guidance services. We have hundreds of success stories and thousands of happy faces, some serving the nations and some still pursuing their dream career. We are glad that our expert counselling has helped us changing so many lives.

We believe in power of dreams and acknowledge the fact that, No dream is too big to come true.

For any fesher's, abroad is totally new in the aspects of culture, language and people. There is high chance of complexity to cope up with that environment. Hence, we have student representative in Bangladesh, India and China to facilitates fresh students during their academic stay and will provide all the necessary support and co-ordination

To travel from Nepal to Bangladesh there is two means By Air or By land. Through Air one has to take flight from Kathmadu to Dhaka(duration 1hr) & through Land one has to follow the these instructions,From Kathmandu you have to take bus to Kakarvitta border of India (14 hours journey). From Kakarvitta, you have to come Burimari-Chengrbnda border (Banglades-India border) by bus or taxi(3-4 hours journey).After crossing the border,you will find some buses to Dhaka (12 hours journey). There are also direct buses to Dhaka from Siliguri.


Director's Message

We encourage our students to discover their potential and help them pursue their dream career.

The most distinctive part of leading Medical Consultancies is providing help and way to students who are seeking counsellors on career guidelines,courses . BEC is powered by our highly talented staff,counsellors and team members and culture that strongly values excellence.
Many more students from Nepal have already been sent to the different colleges of the various countries and they have been able to set outstanding records in the different colleges abroad.Our commitment to excellence and relevance is evident.
Hence from the bottom of the heart, I would like to thank our esteemed education providers who have encouraged us in our efforts to prove educational counselling services to the student's community in Nepal. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to our staff member's counselors and everyone in this organization

Rajnish Yadav
Managing Director

Institution We Represent

We are associated with highly reputed universities/colleges in asian pacific.